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As with any transition, there is sadness, fear, excitement and a whirlwind of energy...

Excited for our new adventure, but broken hearted about leaving those of you I have touched here in Central Oregon 

“Life is flux,” said the philosopher Heraclitus. The Greek philosopher pointed out in 500 BC that everything is constantly shifting, and becoming something other to what it was before. Like a river, life flows ever onwards, and while we may step from the riverbank into the river, the waters flowing over our feet will never be the same waters that flowed even one moment before. Heraclitus concluded that since the very nature of life is change, to resist this natural flow was to resist the very essence of our existence. “There is nothing permanent except change,” he said.​
                                                    -Lindsay Baker,

Retirement has summoned my husband, so we are off to pursue a new adventure.

After a month long motorcycle journey in Utah & Arizona and 2 weeks visiting family in Japan, we will be settling in Costa Rica to participate in a work exchange program at the PachaMama Eco Village and Retreat in Guanacaste.

We are looking forward to exploring the ecological, spiritual community; including meditation, yoga, self-acceptance and healing.

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