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10 Sessions of Fascial Manipulation,
The Work of Dr Ida Rolf

This work is meant to address the postural distortions and compensations in the body that may be causing pain, discomfort or lack of movement. Over a series of 10 sessions, the fascial system is re-organized and re-energized to improve the relationship of body parts to each other as well as the relationship of the body to the gravity field.  You may find yourself sitting, standing and moving with a new awareness. Structural Integration is a great way to help recover from extreme body changing events, like pregnancies, surgeries and accidents. This work can help to smooth out scar tissue, no matter how long it's been part of your body.

The 10 sessions may be repeated as needed.

3 Sessions of Fascial Manipulation - The Advanced Series

After completing the 10 session series, it is recommended to live in your newly aligned body, discover new ways of moving and explore space and flexibility for several months.  When you're feeling ready for more organization, a 3 series is recommended. It may be wise to get a 3 series once or twice a year, especially if you've experienced any injuries, accidents or surgeries.

Structural Integration: Service
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